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Dreamville star, BAS is on his Milky Way Tour and he made a stop for the 2018 Christmas season in South Africa.

During an interview on SlikourOnLife he talked about his upbringing in New York, his link with Sudan and how he has always felt like how his African side has stayed with him.

He also noted that Johannesburg is up there with any city in the world when it comes to reaction from fans.

The rapper spoke about how he had to rediscover himself and find his unique element by experimenting with sounds that are different from Dreamville, branching out into being a bigger artist than people perceive him to be and this is what also inspired the trip to Africa.

BAS also said that he will be recording some music with Shane Eagle, that he likes Nasty C’s music. He also can’t wait to meet a few producers from this side and just put in work during the time he’s here until the new year.

Watch the full interview here:

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