All new La Meme Gang X Sarkodie ‘Know Me’ finally here!

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Music lovers lost it when Sarkodie tweeted and requested for a La Meme hook up and its finally here, as expected, it is everything fans were waiting on. The 4 minutes “fire-fueled” tune has everyone on the song doing what they do best. From catchy lines to heavy raps, every artist on the song felt free to luxuriate in the song’s sumptuous sound with their individual style, with glistening Trap production.

Spacely does not distract from his pioneering synthesis of uniqueness as he lights up the song with a melodic intro, taking over with his heavy, woozy voice on a melodious fused beat, the singer/rapper sheds light on so-called “day ones” acting as they know him when they weren’t available during the come up on the chorus, a matching chorus that explains the theme of the song.

Kiddblack swoops in with a typical direct verse that explains how far he has come and the price he paid to cement his place on the Ghanian Hip-hop Scene. Of course he adds a little bit of flex to his  calm but hard verse with quoted lines “we hopped in the Benz and we skrted off with a  chick and her skirt is off” reminding us why he is termed as a “rap god” and proves he was destined to be in line with the top rappers.

The next verse is lethal, brutal and plain with KwakuBs attacking fake love and people trying to hop into the orbit of his influence, with shots to people who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Undoubtedly the best rapper in Africa, Sarkodie’s rap is infectious and vaguely familiar, the BET winner delivers a “Classique Sarkodie rap”  filled with local humor, come up and hustle in a classy way.

Versatility meets over faux steel drum bongs, melodic bass thuds and splotchy percussion that moves at a half-strut as Darkovibes yearns to make a distinction and hard work clear with a little bit of “drip”. He shows off by singing about paying all cash for his drip in reference to his La Meme jewelry, a typical Darko move.  Every line uttered, be it chorus or verse,deals with recognizing Day Ones, realism and a successful come up, for Rjz its a little bit of all that with a punch of pettiness on a “hide your girl season” theme  as he backs his voice with a little bit of Vocord effect-like addressing his haters who don’t know he has been scheming on a low, capping off the song with a threatening line “if you aiming for my head don’t you miss” thus; saying he will be merciless if you don’t take your chances.

The song is well crafted with accurately laid verses in a theme-focused song about announcing greatness from Sarkodie and  La Meme gang.

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