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In today’s world of high-flying fashion, African styles and prints feature prominently. Global icons such as of Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani have been spotted rocking ‘Africa’ on more than one occasion, contributing somewhat to the transition of African styles and print to the mainstream. African designers however still remain subject to stereotype. For instance, the warped notion that apparel made by African designers should have a certain look of ‘Africanness’ still persists.


According to Helen Jenning, editorial director of, a website celebrating contemporary African fashion and culture and the author of the book New African Fashion, “Fashion from Africa is diverse as fashion from any other continent and cannot be pigeonholed any longer. ”Shim X Lakopue: African Fashion through a Millennial Lens is a short fashion film that seemingly shares Helen Jenning’s point of view. The project is a collaboration between artist Shim Dharren Zyiorkley and fashion designer Lakopue. Both Ghanaian, Shim and Lakopue are quintessential case in points of a new generation of African creatives who seek to use the power film and social media to interpret traditional prints and styles in a contemporary milieu.


They seek to break the stereotypes of styling African prints by using ensembles known to our closets. Models for the project were thus selected to embody the various styles in congruence with their own unique traits.  The idea is to incorporate styles which are contemporary, versatile, and wearable without deviating from the ‘African roots’. Shim and Lakopue make a statement with this project, that African style is elegant – much more so when it’s hip and contemporary. We couldn’t agree more.

DOP: @grandeaglemotion
Designer: @Lakopue
Art Director: Shim D Ziorkley (@dharrren ) Asst. Art director: Christine Boateng (@onlychristine__ )

Models: Shim D. ZIorkley ( @Dharrren )
Shawn De-Clercq( @da_shgh )
Akpene Diata Hoggar ( @sun_diataa )
Nathaniel Bio ( @__naethan_ )
Ewurama Golo ( @ms.golo )
Monila Lamberto ( @monilalamberto )
Sam Quaye ( @massivesamm )
Hansia Essuman (@cool_kid_hansia )

Fabric: Woodin(@woodinfashion )
Accessories: Odara ( @odaraonline )
Makeup: @pinkyfabmakeup
Grooming: @Kenzos_Place
Cinematography: @grandeaglemotion

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