Adraxx Journeys Into Adulthood on “A Quarter Century”

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Adraxx is a Ghanaian artist who prides himself with a dogged belief in originality and ambition. Drawing on his wildly eclectic musical tastes, he makes pieces that lean on lyrical weight and melodic ambition, spread across a kaleidoscope of genres.
Operating against the backdrop of a culture that valorizes instrumental rhythm and dance, he insists on a daring non-adherence to this convention, defining his art as one that places emphasis on painstaking lyricism; word engineering that explores the nuances of reality. As he puts it, “I can’t make you dance; I will tell you stories.”

“A Quarter Century” is a joint which won’t make it on Adraxx upcoming project. Speaking to the wordsmith he explained: “I’ve been working on a project, my debut EP, and it’s coming together pretty well. Some songs will not make the final cut, which is hard because these are all songs I equally love. I’ll be putting these few songs out as singles as a buildup to the EP.”
“This song basically stems from a particular question asked several times after I had completed national service; “so now, what next?”. And it just hit me like “oh shit, I’m an adult now”. I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the song. I wanted to make something my peers and just about everyone can relate to, and it achieves that goal!”
Listen to “A Quarter Century” here:

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