A-Reece releases CHSIB part II

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After the departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment early in 2017, A-Reece dropped Couldn’t Have Said It Better Part 1 where he described his feelings at the time regarding the whole debacle.

A year later on his 21st birthday the recording artist dropped the part 2 of the extension after a month of silence in anticipation of new work. This time it comprised of a three track EP.


Addressing the success he and his team have accomplished in a short space of a year and the amount of money they’ve made.

“CHSIB Part 2”

Following up on the first edition this part is about how his skills have been getting better while the people who see themselves as competitors are still struggling in the studio.

The amount of influence The Wrecking crew has gained even referring to them as “the government”

“Go Blow”

Being famous sometimes comes with the perks of women being all over you & on this tune A-Reece touches on how many women fall to his feet with the popularity.

It is very obvious that the rapper has moved onto a different phase of his life now and he bests describes it is through the music.

The Bob Marley skit on CHSIB part 2 where the legendary artist just touches on how he perceives wealth was stand out for me.

Personally I feel like there is a repitition of content from prior work, like I have heard similar lines before. Quick reference I can think of is on the FMTYAOY sophomore album, tracks like “About the Dough” and “Off The Rip” maybe it was intentional, felt like it was an extension of the album?

Anyway, you can get the EP on iTunes!


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