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South African artist, A-Reece last weekend released ‘Touche‘, ‘Meanwhile in Honeydew‘ and ‘Don’t Bother‘ addressing a number of issues that have been going on in his life.


He recently left Ambitiouz Entertainment earlier on in the year and many people have been wondering what his next moves would be in order to stay Ā relevant.


On Meanwhile in Honeydew, he raps about how life has been after he left Ambitiouz and how he feels about the state of SA rap.


Don’t Bother is about the feelings for a certain crush he’s been trying to get over and how he missed his opportunity to confess his feelings.

Touche is the official single where he addresses issues about a certain girl who’s been with him and his whole squad.

To prove he’s been working hard and tweeting less(like he’d addressed on Couldn’t Have Said It Better Part 1) he put out three songsĀ in one day.

A-Reece also received positive feedback from well-known artist Reason for the songs he released on the day.

A-Reece and Flame (From the Wrecking Crew) will also be releasing a project soon. They already worked together in the recently put out hit song ‘Feelings.’


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