Discover World Music: 8 New Songs From Across The Globe

October 3, 2022

Carine Au Micro new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Kia Rose, Daniella Binyamin, Sam Tompkins, Carine Au Micro and more.

1. Sam Tompkins – Lose It All

British breakthrough artiste Sam Tompkins is widely gaining recognition and upholding an impressive streak in the music industry. Written by Corey Sanders, RISC and Sam Tompkins, the new release “Lose It All” showcases lusciously distinct vocals and enchanting instrumentation that easily draws the listener in. The new single features relatable vocals that discuss acknowledging the value of our loved ones. Regarding the new number, Tompkins adds: “The song is about letting that special someone know you appreciate them before it’s too late. Something I never want to have to experience the wrong side of…”

2. Sharky – Concret

Retrieved from the new pop album People Are Strange, a 14-track project of explorative pop soundscapes, “Concret” is a soothing and refreshing anthem suited for your playlists. Delivering a stunning vocal performance with interesting lyricism, UK’s fast-rising singer succeeds in composing a commendable number with a sonic edge. Sharky thrives to exhibit her uniqueness in her compositions. Regarding the new song “Concret”, Sharky says: “Sometimes you just need a pigeon that will do that, and someone that will let it”

3. Carine Au Micro – Mu Do Ku

A groundbreaking singer and songwriter from Benin, Carine Au Micro is continuously delivering versatile anthems with cultural influences from her motherland. “Mo Do Ku” translates to “I remember” in Mina, which is the official language of Benin. Micro recounts some memories with a relative in Benin, indicating an intensive connection to her people back home while taking the listener through a classic harmony embedded with traces of her native culture.

4. Kid Travis – Spooky SZN 3

American singer, songwriter and music producer Kid Travis (Jedidiah Wright) has perfected his signature sound and consistently crafts classic and pleasant melodies. Kid Travis owes his commercial success to his unique blend of sounds that shows off the flawless skills he developed over the years with early exposure to music. “Spooky Szn 3” is the third edition of Travis’ “Spooky Szn”. A look into the lyrics shows Travis compares an inability to break free from a love interest to an inability to break free from being chased by “spooky things”. The modern sound with upbeat energy is the perfect tune for the season of Halloween.

5. Casey Moon – Glass

Multifaceted Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist, Casey Moon, steps into the indie-pop limelight with a new single labeled “Glass”, which is retrieved from the forthcoming project mirrors-EP. Mirrors-EP is part of Casey’s trilogy of EPs, with the other two being Fountains and Ashes. Written by Sacha Katz, “Glass” embodies epic synth work with dreamy and inviting vocals. About the latest single, Casey Moon adds: “ It’s about the masks we put on, the skin we slip into when we go out for the night.”

6. Daniella Binyamin – Out Of Fuel

Proficient Swedish singer and songwriter Daniella Binyamin releases her new single “Out Of Fuel” after her previous singles “Grand Hotel” and “Toothpaste Kisses”. Just like the previous releases, “Out Of Fuel” flaunts dazzling vocals and a distinct style that shows Binyamin has matured over the years both independently and from her collaborations with other artistes. It is no wonder such sonic gems are topping the charts. Binyamin explains the concept of the new single: “It’s sad and sensual and has a rather bold sound, but the theme of the song is actually very fragile and is about feeling insecure and small in a relationship. When I wrote it, it was like I entered another world, a world where I could do exactly what I wanted. It made me feel free to experiment a lot more.”

7. Posh Chocolates – Back 2 U

Retrieved from the upcoming EP Back 2 U, British singer/songwriter and music producer Posh Chocolates (Christian Ellery) exhibits his signature blend of genres with the latest alternative pop single “Back 2 U”. Following the previous release of the ear candy compilation Sweeter Stuff-EP in 2021, Posh Chocolates is commanding the scene again with the forthcoming project that promises to deliver an authentic style of music.

8. Kia Rose – DrUgS + cAnDy

Following the immense success of her previous album Phases, Kia Rose returns with “Drugs+ Candy”. Kia Rose is a young and vibrant singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and music producer from Canada. Her newest generation “Drugs + Candy” is an ethereal pop anthem released by Diamond Records. Kia Rose admits her job is to make the listener feel better after experiencing her music and she effortlessly accomplishes that with this new track. Her modern style with a cutting-edge distinction and infatuating aura is hard to miss.