Discover World Music: 6 New Songs From Across The Globe

February 22, 2023

Bad Boy Timz New Song

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Dax, Nea, Bad Boy Timz, and more.

1. Dax – The Devil’s Calling

Multifaceted artiste Dax makes another gripping comeback with a powerful and thrilling new piece, “The Devil’s Calling”. As a Nigerian-Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter, Dax is constantly exploring the realms of his musical abilities with experimental constructions that are enthralling to listeners. Presenting energetic lyrics, and fierce/attention-commanding rhythmics, “The Devil’s Calling” has an interesting theme: being careful about succumbing to the Devil’s ways and drifting away from God; which of course Dax constantly emphasizes is a perilous thing to do.

2. Bad Boy Timz – Faya

Bad Boy Timz commands the scene with his musical ingenuity. Bad Boy Timz has an impressive streak and growth with streaming numbers across all platforms. The Nigerian singer and songwriter has worked with other notable Nigerian artistes such as Teni, Mayorkun and Olamide, showcasing perfect vocals and enthusiasm to the masses. His new piece “Faya” is a groovy anthem that explores love and the special feeling that comes along with it.

3. Nea – A Lover Like Me

Swedish singer and songwriter Nea (Anna Linnea Södahl) releases a new energetic and uplifting pop tune titled “A Lover Like Me” in anticipation of the imminent album TRANSPARENT. Nea’s precision in composing alluring tunes is delineated by her impressive discography and streaming numbers. Laced with layers of energetic instrumentals and dipped in decadent vocals, “A Lover Like Me” explores the possibility of finding a lover that shares the good qualities one possesses. Nea explains: “Lover Like Me is one of those rare songs that just wrote itself. I had a lyric idea, Daniel (co-writer and producer) played some chords and 2 hours later we had the song! I love the rawness of the vocals and the vibe, that there’s an edge to it.”

4. M’Lynn – Safety Net

M’Lynn is an American singer and songwriter with a cutting-edge signature. Her experimental style is always showcased by ear-candy productions and soulful synth work. “Safety Net” is a metaphoric title; a clean comparison of a safety net to a person who holds you and saves you when you’re falling down or breaking apart. This relatable concept is flawlessly depicted in luscious vocals and a calming aura that effortlessly strings you along on a journey through M’Lynn’s musical world.

5. Madam Bandit – Me Plus You

Electronic pop powerhouse Madam Bandit (Mindy Gledhill) releases a love-themed melody titled “Me Plus You”. Written by Madam Bandit and Raz Klinghoffer, the Indie Pop production features soft rhythms and an irresistible upbeat sideline coupled with pristine vocals. Growing up with a profound love for music, Madam Bandit has ingeniously mastered her artistry to entice the masses. “Me Plus You” is a flawless demonstration of her inventiveness.

6. Jia – Let My Baby Go

Canadian-Vietnamese singer and songwriter Jia is a force to look out for. Her experimental blend of genres and eloquent sound is pure auditory bliss. “Let My Baby Go” is her newest release and it transcends through charming vocals with soothing instrumentals. “Let My Baby Go” explores the painful event of parting ways with a person you love due to bad or unpleasant occurrences.