Discover World Music: 6 New Songs From Across The Globe

August 28, 2022

Zinoleesky new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Zinoleesky, Madison Beer, Ashleigh Bankx, and more.

1. Nina Storey – Strongest Drug

Prominent American singer and songwriter Nina Storey is noted for her distinctively exquisite compositions and the newest electronic pop anthem “Strongest Drug” is no exception. The delicately enchanting track expresses Storey’s contemporary style while tackling love and obsession to a person of interest in a warm and liberating soundscape.

2. Talii – More Than Friends

Bursting with gleaming passion for her diverse craft, American singer and songwriter Talii releases a new R&B gem titled “More Than Friends”. Talii’s exposure to music from a young age accelerated her interest. The love-themed single explores situations that surround the possibility of a growing attachment. Released from the camp of DNA Music Group, the single is an apt addition to your playlists if you’re looking for a sultry tune with experimental influences from other genres.

3. Zinoleesky – Call of Duty

Zinoleesky (Oniyide Azeez) is a force to reckon with. The fast-rising star has a lot of notable collaborations and chart-topping hit singles. Following the commercial successes of the 2022 singles “Loving You” and “Jaiye Foreign”, the Nigerian singer and composer returns with “Call of Duty”. A blend of afrobeats, amapiano and electronic dance music. The new anthem was written by Zinoleesky and he blends the concept of love and gaming in quite an interesting way. He adds: “I like girls, I like gaming so I made a song about what I like”.

4. Madison Beer – Dangerous

Music powerhouse Madison Elle Beer has gained prominence with her craft over the years. The American singer carefully composes luscious numbers that highlight her never-ending ingenuity infused with dazzling vocals. The brand new anthem “Dangerous” is a calming pop chant embedded with powerful synthesizers and smooth instrumentation that easily grasps the listener. Beer discloses: “Dangerous is the start of a more honest, vulnerable, and mature chapter. It’s about accepting that some situations didn’t pan out the way you imagined. And it’s about questioning your own responsibility in a relationship. I’m really excited for fans to hear this new side and hope they love it as much as I do!”

5. Ashleigh Bankx – Right Move

UK’s multifaceted R&B/Soul singer Ashleigh Bankx reveals a new tune centered on the back and forths from abusive relationships and circumstances that hinder a person’s quality of life. Bankx reveals the production arose from a personal experience with a past relationship. The incredibly composed tune reeks of remarkable authenticity. “Right Move” is influenced by the Afrobeats, Afropop, and Afro-fusion genres. The brilliant infusion of genres makes the composition an emanate pleasure.

6. Samantha Margret – Joan of Arc

“Joan of Arc” is retrieved from the 2022 pop album RAGE (a collection of 5 carefully crafted tracks) by rising American singer and songwriter Samantha Margret. The incredibly talented Samantha Margret constructed the thought-provoking and meaningful lyrics of “Joan of Arc”. Heavily centered on self-affirmation and self-identity, the new single showcases Margret’s signature of decadent and stunning harmonies, as stated in our previous review of her single “Self Disrespect”. Take a stroll through Margret’s world with this beautiful project and enjoy melodic goodness.