Discover World Music: 6 New Songs From Across The Globe

August 1, 2022

Ally Ahern new song

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Ally Ahern, KellyMarie, Brianna Knight, and more.

1. KellyMarie – Beach Day

Proficient American singer and songwriter KellyMarie makes an outstanding resurgence with the luscious composition labeled “Beach Day”. It is another of her tunes inspired by the TV series “The Office”. The contemporary pop production is influenced by the episode “Beach Day” and confabulates serious decisions taken in the course of a love affair. The tune gives us a little idea of what to expect in KellyMarie’s imminent album. The flawless ear candy is filled with exuberant and dreamy synths alongside KellyMarie’s enchanting voice.

2. Brianna Knight – Link Up

Dynamic and multi-talented American singer, songwriter and music producer Brianna Knight is a pro at compounding irresistible sonic experiences. Knight showcases her distinctively alluring vocals and musical ingenuity in the latest production. “Link Up” is the ideal summer Afrobeats vibes for your playlist; an invitation to a partner to take things to the next level in a relationship.

3. Ally Ahern – LONELY ASS BITCH

The rules and restrictions obviously do not apply to Ally Ahern. The talented American singer is constantly breaking through musical barriers and generating uniquely irresistible modern sounds that leave you entangled in her world. Ahern draws inspiration from real-life circumstances and turns them into stunning harmonies. “Lonely Ass Bitch” is a tune that reaches out to people who do not fit in with others; assuring them they are not alone and there are others with similar experiences.

4. Volz x Flower in Bloom – San Diego

With laudable streaming numbers and a commendable music profile, American music production powerhouse Volz teams up with the charismatic American R&B artiste Flower in Bloom for another masterpiece titled “San Diego”. Released from the camp of CreateZen, the tune features pristine hooks and danceable rhythms you will adore. “San Diego” oozes with flavorful instrumentation and shimmering vocals that will leave you tapping along.

5. YARLIE – Go To Hell

Fast uprising Swedish singer and songwriter Yarlie taps into regret and relationship problems with the new electronic pop release “Go To Hell”. Yarlie connects with her audience with a warm and intimate vocal delivery that explores intimate relationship issues over catchy rhythms and hooks. Yarlie adds: “This is a song for all of us who have ever stayed even though we knew we should have left. It’s for giving to many last chances, listening to your aroused heart instead of your brain and it’s for all the times you should have told him to go to hell.”

6. S-X – His Problem Now

Retrieved from the 2022 album Things Change, “His Problem Now” is the 5th track out of the 15 compiled songs. Things Change comes after the 2021 album and S-X has had a commendable profile over the years; from great streaming numbers, being a Grammy nominee to working with other notable artistes. British singer, songwriter, and music producer S-X (Sam Andrew Gumbley) delves deeper into his musical creativity with this new commercial pop project. Gleaming with irresistible hooks and well-trained vocals, “His Problem Now” talks about lost love and ponders the memories shared.