Discover World Music: 4 New Songs From Across The Globe

September 10, 2022

Taylor Kade New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Karolina, David Green, Nate Amor and more.

1. Taylor Kade x Dani King – Rock Bottom

America’s prominent Electronic Dance Music artiste Taylor Kade (Taylor Keddington) joins forces with singer/songwriter Dani King to assemble a meritorious new tune labeled “Rock Bottom”. Smooth and fiery instrumentation accompanied by King’s flawless vocals comes in at the right time, signaling the outburst of emotions that result from constant contemplations. Written by Taylor Kade and Dani King, “Rock Bottom” is about a plea to break free from a relationship that torments a person.

2. David Green – Pyrite

Following the release of the pop single “Race”, multifaceted American singer and songwriter David Green releases a calm, relaxing and soothing romantic number titled “Pyrite”. Packed with layers of ravishing harmonies, clever instrumentation, and relatable lyricism carefully drafted by David Green, “Pyrite” focuses on appreciating a loved one. The metaphorical comparison of a loved one to a beautiful piece of jewel throughout the song highlights Green’s musical ingenuity.

3. Karolina – Ready For Juju (ft Jenny Penkin)

Retrieved from the upcoming album All Rivers, “Ready for Juju” is an exquisite contemporary composition by widely recognized Israeli singer and songwriter Karolina (Keren Karolina Avratz). The brand new number is released from the record label Tru Thoughts. Karolina features Jenny Penkin on this production, a fellow Israeli singer, songwriter, and producer with a cutting-edge aura. Their voices effortlessly blend well in the current single and give us an insight into what to expect from the imminent album. “Ready For Juju” was generated from Karolina’s eagerness to collaborate with another female artiste on the experiences of being a musician.

4. Nate Amor – Lose This Way

High-profile American singer and songwriter Nate Amor tackles a very serious topic in his new single. “Lose This Way” centers on loss; a painful phenomenon everyone is forced to deal with once in a while. The single showcases Nate’s authenticity and passion for composing unique renditions of contemporary music. In reference to “Lose This Way”, Nate Amor recounts: “I was living in my friend’s basement. It was spring yet cold in Minnesota and this moment came over me to write a song that could encompass my recent divorce and the loss of my mother 18 months prior. It is a journey to say goodbye to my ex, wish her well, and say that I’m accepting the loss of her. The truth was that I’d been so selfish. We ALL experience loss. Deaths of many kinds, it’s a part of life. This song helped me get out and release my grief, let go, and continue on.”