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After dropping his documentary to “The Wizrd”, rapper Future the following week continued to give fans the track-list to his seventh studio album.

In recent times, documenting your life and having a closer look into what artists get up to has been something fans have been desperately asking for from their favourite celebrities.

The casual instagram live sessions and tweeting doesn’t seem to be enough, especially considering how media tends to ‘misread’ or ‘misinterpret’ information. Hip Hop acts have rather decided to do their own PR.

For those who might not know already, this record will body 20-tracks featuring artists like Travis Scott, Young Thug & Gunna.

It’ll also be dropping on January 18, 2019.

Personally, it would be cool if this album centered around a theme, not be overly saturated with hits.. because of the times and just have a consistent story going instead of a playlist to move units. (Even though that might already be the aim, considering it is 20 tracks)

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