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I am Potego Anthony  Mogano (22)

An Rnb/Hiphop artist born an bred in Rustenburg . That goes by the name Tony X.

What are your earliest memories of music?

I grew up around a lot of musical influences. My parents always played gospel music around the house. Jimmy Swaggart is actually my earliest memory of music. My dad used to play him all the time. Till my older brother introduced me to Rnb with the likes of Boys To Men, Micheal Jackson.  Then later on Chris Brown..

And that’s where I draw inspiration from in terms of musical direction.

But what drives me is that above all I just wanna inspire as much as I’ve been inspired. And fulfill my purpose.

I grew up in the church. And singing just came naturally. At 8/9 I knew I could sing. And my exposure to crowds at church gave me the confidence. Then I started being exposed to other genres and tried it out, song writing and stuff just came easy to me.

It started when I used to rewrite the lyrics of songs that I liked on paper to learn them. And adopted the writing patterns from there.

And like I said. It just came easy.


What should we expect from you in the near future?

Expect a sonically satisfactory experience from the Tony X brand.

A fusion of rnb/soul, hip hop, trap and just alternative sounds combined into introducing the RnbGita to the world.

What separates you from the rest?

My ability to cross genres but still remaining recognisable, I believe, separates me from the pack.. And the fact that I’m still learning I don’t believe I am anywhere near my peak.


Do you have any specific goals in mind?

You can’t be in this industry if you don’t have goals. And I believe as much as anyone else. My goals are pretty big. I’d share but I don’t wanna jinx it. But I believe I have the potential to have  international status.


Any artists you’d like to work with in the near future?

I love the rnb movement right now in South Africa. I’d love to work with artist that contribute to that grind. And definitely across the  boarders of SA.


Any other interests outside of music?

I love sport man. I am a big premier league fan and I am a former athlete myself. So any form of athletics I like. Enjoy watching Rugby as well.

But overall just enjoy getting away, doing something new.


Music over everything or do you believe in a backup plan?

This is a very tough one for me. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and it hasn’t been easy to make the full decision of making music my everything. But I did. You always gotta have some sort of plan but I always say if you do have a back up plan, make sure it’s evolved around the thing you’re passionate about. Your happiness counts on it.


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