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Who are you?

“My name is Siphokuhle Ndongeni, stage name is K_Supreme, born and raised in Cape town.”

What are your earliest memories of music?

“My earliest memories of music are back in the day when Lil Wayne ,Nicki Minaj used to rap hard bars back then hip hop wasn’t big in South Africa so we used to look for inspiration from them.”


When did you take interest in Hip Hop music specifically?

“Nasty C back from his, One kid a thousand coffin, Price City days, that time all rappers were rapping about was car, women and money and he was rapping about his life experience …he was rapping bars he reminded me what real rap was about.”


What is “rap” to you?

“Well, rap allows you to tell a story, your story . A story that will help people going through the same things.
I always say Rap or music is the souls medication.”


What are you planning to achieve?

“Working with a lot of different artist and me going deeper in what I’ve gone through in hopes to help people who’ve been through similar things.”


What makes you different from other artists?

“My sound, I feel like you can’t compare me to anyone else and hopefully it comes through on my mixtape.”

What are your near goals?

“My goals are to change the rap game, the way it views women. Not only the way it disrespects women but also the way it perceives female rappers
because God didn’t lessen our talent because of our gender.”


Which artists do you look up to?

“Rouge, Wrecking Crew and Nasty C.”


Anything else you enjoy besides music?



Music over everything or do you believe in a backup plan?

“Yes, because not all of us are going to be over night stars…these things take time and you need money to survive.”

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