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Following the success of her recent record, “Love Who You Are”, Unorthodox Reviews caught up with the Singer and fashion Stylist for the 10 Questions Segment. Enjoy! 


1. Who is MIMI ELSA?

I’m different. Well, I’m different. I don’t know what you wanna hear but I’m different [Giggles…]



2. How do you balance being a Stylist with your music?

Passion! It’s a good driver. I’m able to genuinely do both out of the love I have for them without messing up my time. I am just grateful that I have all I need to do both. It makes work easier and allows the creativity to flow.


3. What genre of music do you identify with?

So far I have recorded Soul, Jazz and Afro-beats tunes but I employ different genres depending on the kind of message I want to pass across and the type of people I want to address. Hence I’m not stuck under one or identified with a particular type of genre.


4. Tell us about your educational background.

Well, I had my elementary and Junior High School education in Association International School and continued in Krobo Girls. I also have a dregree in B/A Social Work, University of Ghana.


5. Which artist do you wish to work with? Both local and international.

Quite a number but I’ll mention just five for now. From our part of the world, straight from my head; Stonebwoy, Gyidi, Joe Mettle, and outside, Lecrae and Simi. But hey, I already have a tune with Gyidi. It’s called Love Who You Are. I urge everybody to check it out and tell me what they think. Feedbacks help me grow my art.


6. What new projects are you working on?

I’m currently working on a lot of random sounds, I’m testing waters, there’s a whole ocean out there and I got to find that spot where if I should cast my net, my boat could break.


7. How do you think your act can influence society positively?

The main reason for doing what I do is to impact society with a positive sense of value, hope, positivity and self-respect among the youth through my music. Everyone loves music. so my job here is to make awesome tunes with relevant messages. Should I pull this off, which I certainly will, then I have made an impact in society.



8. Do you think we have an active and working music industry here in Ghana?

Not so entirely. Quite a few good musicians are standing in for the masses. Not every Ghanaian musician is actively working hard or even active in the slightest bit but the few who are, are doing really well.


9. What do you think is the major contributing factor to your break through?

The major factor has been God and AVMB. Also, I believe it’s grace. If you check the stats of my tunes and how everything is moving so fast i believe it’s grace. If you don’t believe in grace, just look at me.


10. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years I should be heard across continents, not just for great music but be a well of inspiration for the youth, to my kind especially.

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