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Unorthodox Reviews caught up with Afro craftsman Gyidi to discuss the journey so far on his EP and what’s next for him. Enjoy!
1. Gyidi! Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Gyidi?

Gyidi is a musician. Really fun loving. Hard worker and focused. Most importantly a believer, in God and in potentials.


2. Your EP came to light recently and is enjoying the buzz around it. How did it all come together? What processes led to that?

Thank you. Yuh, the EP is really doing great. What happened was, though I knew I wanted to release the EP, I tried a different method. That is, to release each song separately. My team advised that we put them together and release as one project afterwards, and it worked. That’s how the Believe EP as you know it now came about. Each song has its own story though.


3. Where do the music come from?

Okay, it comes from a lot of things. It comes from things I observe around me, things I’ve seen, or even things I want to happen. Sometimes it comes from the beat. Some beats just put you in a particular mood and cause you to sing or write about particular topics. So I get inspired by almost everything.


4. Ghana’s music industry is still finding balance on the crouch. What is your way forward for the Ghanaian Music Scene?

I think we should keep working hard. I’ve not been in the industry for long so I can’t say much. But then I think if we keep working hard on the industry and focusing on the right and relevant things; sacrificing to get things done rather than focus on selfish desires, the industry can really do much better.


5. What and Who is your definition of a successful artist?

Let me begin with the what. A successful artist is one who has accomplished the goals they set out for themselves before they began their musical journey. Based on my definition, I can’t say for a fact who is successful because I don’t know what their individual goal is for doing the music.


6. Name five international and Ghanaian artist each you would like to work with. 

International: Lecrae, Simi, JB, Pharrell, William and Maroon 5. For Ghana: Cina Soul, M.anifest, Joe Mettle, Sarkodie and Kwesi Arthur.


7. A lot of musicians up in the game now and are fighting for the hearts of the same fans. What is your uniqueness?
My Voice. My message. My personality. My focus. My passion.

8. What is the goal of the music and What do you seek to achieve admist all these?

The goal is to impact and give people hope. I want people to look at me and say to themselves “I can make it!”. Whenever people hear me, I want them to have absolute faith and belief in themselves.


9. What’s your opinion on passion in everything you do, especially music?

Passion in music is everything. It gives life to the music. It is the soul of the music. That is what helps people relate to your music. Music without passion is like sleep talking, you won’t be taken seriously.


10. Music over Everything or you have a backup plan?

Not necessarily a backup plan but I’m into other things apart from music. Not as a backup plan because my music has come to stay.


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  1. Janet Nsiah

    June 21, 2018 at 8:00 am

    Wow. Great interview. I love it!! More Strength and fire Gyidi!

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