Discover World Music: 10 New Songs From Across The Globe

June 4, 2022

Donae’O new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Tessa Violet, Donae’O, Nieri, Stephanie Camacho, Elba Rose and more.

1. Arya Zappa – Listen to the Wind

Germany’s Arya Zappa delivers a beautiful rendition of a Dream Pop and Indie Pop blend in the latest tune labelled “Listen to the Wind”. Beckoning the listener to a magical and relaxing state, the alluring synths and apt rhythmics make the tune an apt construction.  Zappa traps you in her enchanting enigmatic power with this 80s-themed song in her newest melodic drive. The single showcases what to expect in the upcoming album which will be released in July 2022.

2. Tessa Violet – BREAKDOWN

Famous and high profiled American singer and songwriter Tessa Violet releases a commercial, indie pop and electro pop-inspired tune named “Breakdown”. Known for her good music, Tessa is truly a gem in the urban music industry. Culminating in epic synth work and thought-provoking lyricism, “Breakdown” hints at handling emotions that engulf us occasionally.

3. Stephany Camacho – Imma Do Me

Colombian artiste Stephany Camacho effortlessly showcases her powerful and exceptional vocals in her latest release “Imma Do Me”. The R&B, Afrobeats and Afropop-inspired production is an explorative concoction spewing with an attractive vibe that fully draws the listener in. “Imma Do Me” is about self-acceptance and self-love.

4. Nieri – In Our Eyes

The introductory track in the 2022 album In Our Eyes, “In Our Eyes” is a classic indie electronic pop generation by LA-based artiste Nieri. The club/dance-inspired anthem seeks to change certain perspectives about life and urges positive outlooks.

Nieri adds: “We live in a society that values money and fame more than almost anything else. Whether you’re passionate, ambitious or just trying to figure it out, life can test you in very interesting ways. We’ve all found ourselves overwhelmed, vulnerable to external forces and eventually losing track of what’s really important. ‘In Our Eyes’ is my personal reminder that conquering the struggles of ambition starts with living in the present moment and cherishing the people I love. Youth, money and fame are fleeting, but true love lasts forever”.

5. Elba Rose – Diamond Like

Promising and multifaceted British gem Elba Rose brings a choral, laid back and calm element to the Alternative pop track titled “Diamond Like”. Engulfed in a smooth and steady beat, the dreamy synth eloquently expresses her unique style of music. The single centers on Elba Rose’s mental health experiences; a topic a huge number of the masses can relate to.

6. Le Caméléon – Je veux plus danser

French artiste Le Camèléon releases his second single as a solo artiste and he titles it “Je veux plus danser” which means “I don’t want to dance anymore”. Released by Riptide Records, the song is beaming with calm and relaxing vibes followed by smooth rhythmics which is compounded with an apt vocal delivery that fully captures the desired theme of the tune.

7. Shoshan Dunamis – Wrong

Fully driven by her passion for music, German singer and songwriter Shoshan Dunamis adds to her impressive musical profile with the release of the new electronic pop tune labeled “Wrong”. Dunamis explores different genres and has been performing from an early age. “Wrong” is a tune filled with encouraging vibes; a reminder to keep pushing despite the constant struggles in life.

8. Oliver Nelson – Long Summer Nights feat. Lilla Vargen

Music producer from Stolkholm, Sweden, Oliver Nelson explores the electronic dance music, funk, disco and nu-disco genres. His new single is a commendable electronic dance music anthem; encompassing ethereal vibes with smooth drums and piano works. Oliver Nelson collaborates with vocalist Lilla Vargen to generate this unique and memorable sonic experience.

9. Donae’O x Lili Caseley – I Don’t Need

In this classic rendition of the classic tune “I Spy” by Skepta, British singer, songwriter and rapper Donae’O (Ian Greenidge) and British vocalist Lili Caseley join forces to generate the tune “I Don’t Need”. With the introductory lyrics by Donae’O and a switch to beautiful vocalism by Lili Caseley, the wistful blend between the two artistes is an enviable soundscape. The energetic and upbeat track is a tune you will love.

10. YEOMAN – Dug The Grave Feat. Bailey Jehl

UK producer Yeoman generates the new single “Dug The Grave” to add to his 2022 discography. As part of his upcoming EP Odyssey, this electronic pop single features a soothing vocal delivery from the talented Bailey Jehl. The detailed instrumentation is sensational; centering on the thematics of love and heartbreak. The single encapsulates emotions effortlessly with smooth electronic courses and confident claps.





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